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mk2 store, Paris

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“Housed on the ground floor of the mk2 Bibliothèque Paris cinema, this 700-square-meter space, provides a whole new experience for its visitors. Designed by the agency Cigüe, the concept store offers a unique selection of objects that extend the experience of cinema to the realms of living well and creative design.”

(Picture: double pillowrow sofa, developed together with KVADRAT and BLESS)


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The Future is Present

Interview with Jil Sander and Review of her first solo exhibition

“During a time when fashion was screaming with bright colours and ostentatious silhouettes for attention , Hamburg-born Heidemarie Jiline Sander stepped out of the noise to carve her own path toward understated aesthetics and sustainable fashion. For her first solo exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, she did something that was new, not just for her audience, but for herself:
she looked back.

Jil Sander shaped the future of fashion with a purist approach to opulence through enduring designs and consistent devotion to quality. If there’s one thing that Sander’s creations share is their underlying purpose to strengthen identities without trying to define them.”



“I can hear your blue”

Seven short stories about synaesthesia

“Like most people with synaesthesia, I never considered to be different. The way I anticipate a day, the sensations that come with a new person I meet, or those strangest shapes fear or attachments can take on.”


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Gute Gegend

[German] Portrait of artist and photographer Anne Schwalbe and her self-built home in rural Germany for THE WEEKENDER

“Ich war aber extrem schüchtern”, erzählt sie und lacht laut auf. “Mit Mitte Zwanzig hätte ich nie so so viel über mich erzählen können. Es hat echt gedauert, bis ich aufgeblüht bin.” Aufgeblüht ist auch der Garten, den sie – im Gegensatz zum Haus – schon vor Jahren einer kompromisslosen Rundumerneuerung unterzogen hat. [….] Annes Garten bietet ihr die unerschöpfliche Inspiration für ihre Fotografien. Die Bilder, die sie konsequent mit ihrer alten Doppellinsen-Yashica fotografiert, sind, wie auch Anne selbst, bodenständig und poetisch zugleich. Ihr fotografisches Auge fängt ihre Umgebung auf eine spontane Weise ein, gleichzeitig reflektieren sie die Tiefe und das Mysterium der Natur.


AnOther Magazine: Another name to know-SUPERYAYA

Feature about Beirut based designer Rym Beydoun

“Super Yaya was founded in 2015 by Rym Beydoun, just a few months after she graduated from Central Saint Martins. The Beirut-based designer’s work references her upbringing in Ivory Coast, where she spent most of her youth “doing motorcross on dunes of sand, passing villages of fishermen and walking in Plateau near a water tower”. When her family had to flee the country after the first Ivorian political coup in 1999, she felt nostalgic for the place she had grown up in, and filled her days reminiscing.”


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A Piece Apart Women: Ilse Crawford

Interview with London designer and founder of Studioilse Ilse Crawford

“Design is often associated with just form. A vehicle for something functional or aesthetically pleasing. The interaction with the human aspect is considered the final step. In her award-winning studio, British designer Ilse Crawford proves this idea wrong: Before design, there is empathy. Without it, there is no good design.”


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FAZ Magazin:WGs in Berlin

[German| Cast & Features about shared housing scenarios in Berlin