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mk2 store

Buying and Curation
in collaboration with Clarisse Demory

“Housed on the ground floor of the mk2 Bibliothèque Paris cinema, this 700-square-meter space, provides a whole new experience for its visitors. Designed by the agency Cigüe, the concept store offers a unique selection of objects that extend the experience of cinema to the realms of living well and creative design.” MILK DECORATION

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die dame: Vicky Krieps

Portrait der Schauspielerin für die dame 05

Auch wenn der Erfolg ihr nun äußerst gewogen ist, so begegnet sie ihm mit ihrer bodenständigen Art. »Er ist nicht der Maßstab aller Dinge«, sagt sie, »sondern die inneren Werte«Diese Haltung lässt sich wie ein fein gezeichnetes Muster an ihrem beruflichen Werdegang ablesen. Vielleicht ist es aber auch einfach ein Grundvertrauen in sich und das Leben, dasselbe, das die Schauspielerin ebenso wenig einen einzigen Blick auf die Bilder werfen lässt, die der Fotograf Vassilis Karidis für die dame von ihr aufnimmt. Während die anderen im Studio eine erste Auswahl treffen, schweift ihr Blick über die Stadt.


Doing Fashion” für

VOGUE Germany

“Doing Fashion” – so lautet der Titel, unter dem das Institut Mode-Design der FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel jedes Jahr die Abschlusskollektionen seiner AbsolventInnen zeigt. Ein Titel, der für den holistischen Ansatz der Hochschule steht: Mode wird hier als höchstrelevante kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Praxis verstanden. Das Bachelorstudium wird zum Labor, das konventionelle wie unkonventionelle Szenerien der rigorosen Industrie realitätsnah untersucht und hinterfragt und neue Entwurfsstrategien erprobt – von der Theorie über Körperkonzepte bis hin zur performativen Inszenierung der fertigen Kleidungsstücke


Waist: I Can Hear Your Blue


”That day, I felt like I could reconnect to my mother, while at the same time she was someone else. I felt this person walking towards me, tall and strong, but only as air, on an endless light-hazelnut-brown street, that carries a strange breeze and sounds exactly how it would taste.”

concept & curation of the instagram account of @diedame with weekly changing topics.

concept & curation of the instagram account of @diedame with weekly changing topics.

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Feed Me

An investigation on the digitalisation of food & taste

“Food was and always is a nexus—the mouth both a practical and a metaphorical door between the shared spaces outside and those inside that only specific flavours can unlock.Eating is directly linked to sensory experience without context as a prerequisite; it can align you with a certain lifestyle, community, or canon of thought with no other corroborating factors.“

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Twin: Jil Sander

Interview & Exhibition Review

“(…)During a time when fashion was screaming with bright colours and ostentatious silhouettes for attention, Hamburg-born (not born, but spent childhood there) Heidemarie Jiline Sander stepped out of the noise to carve her own path toward understated aesthetics and sustainable fashion. For her first solo exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, she did something that was new, not just for her audience, but for herself: she looked back. Jil Sander shaped the future of fashion with a purist approach to opulence through enduring designs and consistent devotion to quality. If there’s one thing that Sander’s creations share, it is their underlying purpose to strengthen identities without trying to define them(…)”

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OFFBLACK: Samuel Gui Yang

Interview for the OFFBLACK Anthology Issue 2017

(…)For a while, the present seemed like a never-ending celebration; an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of all backgrounds. They were excited about the future. Today we face a different and more uncertain future. Change is the only certainty. Nostalgia is on the rise, we are longing for the past, looking for new inspiration which is often only accessible via technology – through a screen. Chinese fashion designer Samuel Gui Yang is part of a new generation of designers who are trying to break free from the dictations of an increasingly digital pace(…)

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AnOther: Berlin Women

Six Berlin-Based Women, Wearing Clothes They Love

“(…)Berlin might not be the most aesthetically attractive of cities, but it is an alluring one nonetheless. From its inhabitants and art to its music and fashion, a unique expression of individual freedom pervades all aspects of the German capital, and remains one of its most significant attributes. It can be identified on graffiti-covered concrete walls, and in the way one weekend melts into the next – but the city’s innate nonchalance is also reflected in the style of those living in it. An anything-goes attitude is, it seems, the only must-have each season(…)”


AnOther: Super Yaya

Feature on the Beirut & Ivory coast fashion brand

“(…)Super Yaya is founded on a sense of authenticity that’s deeply rooted in Beydoun’s nostalgia, not least because the brand blends her contemporary aesthetic with a collection of fabrics hand-selected from the markets of capital Abidjan. With the help of her friend and stylist Makram Bitar, who works on the imagery for the Super Yaya lookbooks, cut-out dresses are layered over sweeping tops and knee-high slits on skirts are paired with simple hooded sweatshirts bearing the brand’s logo, to create a streetwear-inspired new take on traditional textiles(…)”

full portfolio on request